Attaching Magnets Along Edge of Ceiling Fabric Panel

Frequently we are asked how do you attach magnets to the side edges of the fabric panel you are installing.   This technique is important when you are creating multiple swags in your installed fabric panel, or if you are dropping the end of the fabric panel from the ceiling. It also applies to a banner style installation, where you are installing one edge of the fabric panel to the ceiling.

Multiple Swags

Multiple Swags

Fabric Drops

Fabric Drops

It also applies to a banner style installation, where you are installing one edge of the fabric panel to the ceiling.

Banner Style Draping (Background)

Banner Style Draping (Background)

You can use paddle wire (floral wire) to attach the magnet to the edge of the fabric panel. Paddle wire is a very thin, lightweight wire that is used in the floral industry to strengthen and secure flowers and greenery.


Green and Silver

Simply insert the wire through the edge of the fabric and tie the wire to the magnet ring.
The length of the wire you cut will determine how snug the magnet is to the fabric. Once the magnet ring is securely tied to the fabric, insert the magnet into the magnet holder and attach the magnet to your attachment point using your pole. Make sure if you are installing the fabric panels flat, as opposed to banner style, that you attach the magnets on the edge of the fabric the same distance form the from the end of the fabric. This will ensure the fabric panel hangs evenly.

Seven Steps for Success For Fabric Ceiling Draping Installation

Here are seven steps that will increase the likelihood of success in transforming sparse venue space into an intimate and elegant setting:

1.  Determine how installation friendly the venue space is for ceiling fabric draping by observing metal attachment points, ceiling obstacles, ceiling height, fire codes and time availability for installation.

2.  Develop your draping design plan by reviewing ceiling draping photos on the internet and other sources.

3.  Request a room diagram from the venue and determine how much fabric you need using Fabric Draper’s measuring guidelines.

4.  Upon receipt of your order check for quantity and color correctness.

5.  Cut fabric panels according to your design plan.

6.  Install fabric panels using vendor instruction, or in the case of Fabric, our installation video located on our Home Page of our web.

7.  Evaluate how your design looks and don’t be afraid to make adjustments.

Upon completion stand back and admire your creative accomplishment, and enjoy the savings you realized.



Where Do You Start? – Step 1

So you’ve made a decision to at least investigate installing fabric draping yourself.  Naturally you want to know what this project is going to cost you, how challenging is the task going to be and what is your fabric draping design going to look like when you have finished.  Where do I start?hilton-desoto-hotel-madison-ballroom-7

Over the next few blog posts we will review the four steps in getting you started towards adding high style to your other wise sparse space, pun intended. The four steps will cover: (1) – assessment, (2) – design  (3) – measurement, and (4) evaluation.  In this post we will cover step #1, the assessment.

If you have not selected a venue, and you envision ceiling fabric draping being part of your decor, consider how installation friendly the venue reception room is for ceiling fabric draping.  If you plan on using Fabric’s magnet based ceiling fabric draping system then you will want to examine the room ceiling for metal attachment points.  If you have already contracted with a venue you still need to be aware of how the ceiling fabric draping will be installed in the room.  You may just have fewer installation alternatives if, for example, there are no metal attachment points.  You most likely will have to install the ceiling fabric draping using a ladder and/or mechanical lift.

Also be aware of any ceiling obstacles, like larger normal HVAC duct work that may impede the flow of the fabric draping.  If you are going to run your fabric panels from the center of the room ensure that there is an attachment point in the center of the room.  Of course if your ceiling area has a suspended ceiling with a metal grid in the ceiling panels reside you are home free since you will be able to attach the fabric-tied magnets to the ceiling grid.

Determine the height of the ceilings.  If you intend to use Fabric’s magnet based ceiling fabric draping system you will need a extension hanging pole for draping installation.  For ceiling heights 18′ and under you can purchase a painter’s pole at your local hardware store or big box store.  For ceiling heights in excess of 18′ you may want purchase a pole similar to the one Fabric offers as the extended pole can reach ceiling heights up to 24′.

Finally be aware of any fire codes that may apply to hanging fabric draping form the ceiling.  All our fabrics we offer for sale, with the exception of the poly chiffon, are fire retardant materials. (See our blog post Is Your Ceiling Fabric Fire Protected?)

Stay tuned we will cover ceiling draping design in our next blog post this week.





No! It’s All About the Magnet Holder

Last month we posted a blog entitled “It’s All About the Magnets”.  After much internal discussion we concluded that no, it is not all about the magnets.  It’s all about the Magnet Holder.  So we thought we would clarify that point with today’s blog post.

As we discuss on Fabric, the Magnet Holder holds one magnet in place to magnet holderallow the magnet to click onto the metal on the ceiling. The Magnet Holder screws into place on a magnet extension pole or most threaded poles (even a broom handle).  The Magnet Holder also facilitates the removal of the magnet when you are ready to take down the ceiling fabric draping, paper lanterns or whatever decor you have hang.  The corkscrew of the Magnet Holder hooks the magnet ring and brings it down safely.

The significance of the Magnet Holder is that it facilitates the attachment of the magnet to the ceiling metal while you stand on the ground, NO LADDER!!!!!.  There are other magnetized hanging systems on the market however they require a ladder for installation.  So while all elements in Fabric’s fabric hanging kit play a role and are important, it’s the magnet holder that is the key to hanging fabric, lanterns and other decor safely, quickly and as a result less cost to you.  The Magnet Holder is truly our most valuable player!!

You can see this fabulous little device in action on our instructional video at or on Fabric’s home page.