Measuring Fabric for Ceiling Draping

measuring fabric for ceiling drapingYou are not alone if you are uncomfortable in determining how much fabric you need to transform your ordinary room to an extraordinary one. Determining your fabric quantity needs can be challenging and it is easy to get lost in the calculation. We receive many requests for assistance. We are happy to provide help with your measurements however we encourage to give it a go first using our measurement guide. If you don’t feel comfortable with your calculations using the guide, do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us at Whether you are using the measurement guide or contacting us for assistance you will need to have three pieces of information: (1) – the dimensions of the area where you will be installing the draping (width, length and height), (2) – your ceiling draping design (e.g. covering the entire ceiling, partial ceiling coverage using a star pattern or some other pattern, banner style) and (3) – the fabric type (e.g. poly silk, voile, pongee).

We do receive a large number of requests and we try to respond within 24 hours so please be patient. Some calculations can be very involved if there are several rooms being draped or a variety of draping installed in a single room. In receiving multiple requests we end up spending considerable time making the calculations. We do not charge for this service, however we do ask that you make your request with the understanding you are seriously considering as a source for your fabric needs.

Happy measuring!

Tent Draping

For those of us living in the cold climates of the world there are still a couple of months to Tent Drapingenjoy outdoor tent events. Whether the event is a wedding reception, a commercial event or a social gathering of friends and family tent draping can play a big role in creating the desired ambiance for the festivities.

Depending how much draping you are installing, the installation process can be very labor intensive. Using our magnet based system certainly can be a time saver however the framework of the tent has to be made of galvanized steel in order for there to be attachment points for the magnets. Today, aluminum is used for much of the tent framework however aluminum is not magnetized.

Last month we announced we are now carrying floral wire and zip ties as a convenience to our customers. These resources are a draping installer’s best friends when comes to draping a tent that has an aluminum frame. You have probably used zip ties in a number of applications. They are a great for attaching draping to tent framework, however floral wire is even better because you are able to poke the thin wire through the fabric and tie the wire onto the tent framework. The floral wire is a more secure attachment than zip ties in that it will not slip. Floral wire, also known as paddle wire, is lightweight, thin but very strong. We featured it in our blog entitled, “Attaching Magnets Along Edge of Ceiling Fabric Panel”. You can find floral wire and zip ties on our website.

Attaching Magnets Along Edge of Ceiling Fabric Panel

Frequently we are asked how do you attach magnets to the side edges of the fabric panel you are installing.   This technique is important when you are creating multiple swags in your installed fabric panel, or if you are dropping the end of the fabric panel from the ceiling. It also applies to a banner style installation, where you are installing one edge of the fabric panel to the ceiling.

Multiple Swags

Multiple Swags

Fabric Drops

Fabric Drops

It also applies to a banner style installation, where you are installing one edge of the fabric panel to the ceiling.

Banner Style Draping (Background)

Banner Style Draping (Background)

You can use paddle wire (floral wire) to attach the magnet to the edge of the fabric panel. Paddle wire is a very thin, lightweight wire that is used in the floral industry to strengthen and secure flowers and greenery.


Green and Silver

Simply insert the wire through the edge of the fabric and tie the wire to the magnet ring.
The length of the wire you cut will determine how snug the magnet is to the fabric. Once the magnet ring is securely tied to the fabric, insert the magnet into the magnet holder and attach the magnet to your attachment point using your pole. Make sure if you are installing the fabric panels flat, as opposed to banner style, that you attach the magnets on the edge of the fabric the same distance form the from the end of the fabric. This will ensure the fabric panel hangs evenly.

Let There Be Light!

We recently began using a great little product for our paper lantern lights.  RC LED LightsThe LED lights are turned on and off with a remote control device (RCD).  You know our aversion to ladders and with the RCD there is no need for a ladder as you can control all the lantern lights with one press of a button.  In addition, because the RCD controls the LED lights via a radio frequency the need to point at each individual lantern is eliminated as well.

As we have previously indicated as we move forward we intend to make products, that we have used and approved ourselves, available on our website.  Here is the link for the RCD’s and related LED lights.  Should have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call at 888-241-6575 or send us an email: