Ceiling Draping Symmetry

We receive numerous inquiries regarding using a hoop in the center of your draping area to create a symmetrical ceiling draping design. You can purchase these hoops however we use a couple of alternative ways to create the symmetrical design and save a few dollars.

Assuming your ceiling draping installation includes installing the fabric panels from the center of the draping area (i.e. center of the room) out to the perimeter of the draping area, we like to bundle the fabric panel ends together in the center area with paddle wire. Also know as floral wire, it’s a strong, thin and lightweight wire florists use in tying wedding floral bouquets. We will wrap the bundled ends a couple of times to ensure they are held together securely. We will then cut two pieces of monofilament (fishing line), and tie the line to the paddle wire, making sure you space the line evenly around the paddle wire. We will then tie the other end of the line to a super ring magnet, and then, (you guessed it) attach the magnets to the metal attachment points in the ceiling. Of course, you can do this without ever climbing a ladder. Just use your pole, magnet holder and super ring magnets.

When our design plan includes using a hoop we will use 1/2″ diameter pvc pipe. You can control the size of the hoop based on the length of pvc you are using. You can purchase the pvc along with connectors at your local hardware store, or chain stores. Hoola hoops also work great. We attach our fabric to the hoop using paddle wire as described above. We simply punch the wire through the fabric and tie it off to the hoop. Because the paddle wire is so thin it will not damage the fabric. The hoop can be secured to the ceiling attachment point using monofilament and super ring magnets without ever climbing a ladder.

Optional Mag Poles for Low Ceilings

As you may have seen on our website, we offer a magnet installation pole, which we call a “mag pole”. It is a 5 extension pole that will reach ceilings heights up to 24 feet. It’s a nice resource for ceiling fabric installation for very high venue ceilings. When you are installing fabric on lower ceilings however, there may be a more economic approach for your ceiling installation. Here’s a tip: consider using a paint roller extension pole, or as we call it a “painter’s pole”. You can purchase these at any Home Depot or Lowe’s store or your local hardware store. They are typically lighter weight and if you purchase a double extension pole with an extended reach of 12 feet, you can install ceiling fabric on ceiling heights up to 15 feet. The end of the pole will have a standard thread, identical to our mag pole, facilitating the attachment of the magnet holder. (See our installation video on our website home page.) Depending on the brand of paint roller extension pole you purchase, the price can range from $30.00 to $50.00, so you will save a few bucks! We use the lighter weight painter’s pole on our lower ceiling installations and we find the installation is completed more quickly.

Attaching Magnets Along Edge of Ceiling Fabric Panel

Frequently we are asked how do you attach magnets to the side edges of the fabric panel you are installing.   This technique is important when you are creating multiple swags in your installed fabric panel, or if you are dropping the end of the fabric panel from the ceiling. It also applies to a banner style installation, where you are installing one edge of the fabric panel to the ceiling.

Multiple Swags

Multiple Swags

Fabric Drops

Fabric Drops

It also applies to a banner style installation, where you are installing one edge of the fabric panel to the ceiling.

Banner Style Draping (Background)

Banner Style Draping (Background)

You can use paddle wire (floral wire) to attach the magnet to the edge of the fabric panel. Paddle wire is a very thin, lightweight wire that is used in the floral industry to strengthen and secure flowers and greenery.


Green and Silver

Simply insert the wire through the edge of the fabric and tie the wire to the magnet ring.
The length of the wire you cut will determine how snug the magnet is to the fabric. Once the magnet ring is securely tied to the fabric, insert the magnet into the magnet holder and attach the magnet to your attachment point using your pole. Make sure if you are installing the fabric panels flat, as opposed to banner style, that you attach the magnets on the edge of the fabric the same distance form the from the end of the fabric. This will ensure the fabric panel hangs evenly.

Let There Be Light!

We recently began using a great little product for our paper lantern lights.  RC LED LightsThe LED lights are turned on and off with a remote control device (RCD).  You know our aversion to ladders and with the RCD there is no need for a ladder as you can control all the lantern lights with one press of a button.  In addition, because the RCD controls the LED lights via a radio frequency the need to point at each individual lantern is eliminated as well.

As we have previously indicated as we move forward we intend to make products, that we have used and approved ourselves, available on our website.  Here is the link for the RCD’s and related LED lights.  Should have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call at 888-241-6575 or send us an email: