Tent Draping

For those of us living in the cold climates of the world there are still a couple of months to Tent Drapingenjoy outdoor tent events. Whether the event is a wedding reception, a commercial event or a social gathering of friends and family tent draping can play a big role in creating the desired ambiance for the festivities.

Depending how much draping you are installing, the installation process can be very labor intensive. Using our magnet based system certainly can be a time saver however the framework of the tent has to be made of galvanized steel in order for there to be attachment points for the magnets. Today, aluminum is used for much of the tent framework however aluminum is not magnetized.

Last month we announced we are now carrying floral wire and zip ties as a convenience to our customers. These resources are a draping installer’s best friends when comes to draping a tent that has an aluminum frame. You have probably used zip ties in a number of applications. They are a great for attaching draping to tent framework, however floral wire is even better because you are able to poke the thin wire through the fabric and tie the wire onto the tent framework. The floral wire is a more secure attachment than zip ties in that it will not slip. Floral wire, also known as paddle wire, is lightweight, thin but very strong. We featured it in our blog entitled, “Attaching Magnets Along Edge of Ceiling Fabric Panel”. You can find floral wire and zip ties on our website.

Where Do You Start? – Step 2

millb15In Step #1 of “Where Do You Start” we discussed assessing the venue room where you are going to install the ceiling fabric draping to determine if it is installation friendly.

Step #2 addresses your ceiling fabric draping design plan.  In conjunction with your venue selection, or immediately after, you will need to visualize your design plan.  The best way to stimulate design ideas is to peruse the internet for ceiling draping photos .  Perform an internet search using keywords with “fabric ceiling draping images”, or some variation of it. Study the various styles of ceiling draping.  Some draping styles will spread out the width of the fabric panels and overlap them creating a canopy effect.  Draping panels in other installations will be hung much narrower reflecting a ribbon effect.  Try to look at as many designs as possible to stimulate your creative juices.  The clearer your vision is of your ceiling draping design the more accurate your material measurement will be and installation will flow smoother as well.

While the savings can be substantial by installing the fabric draping yourself as opposed to having it installed professionally, remember the more complex the design, the more fabric and installation time it will take to accomplish the design plan.   A little bit of fabric ceiling draping can go a long way in creating the intimate look you desire .

5 lb. vs. 10 lb.

5 lb. vs 10 lb.

As follow-up to our May 15, 2012 post entitled “It’s All About the Magnets”, we discussed the role the magnet plays in the ceiling draping installation.  We offer two different magnets; the regular ring magnet or the super ring magnet.  The former will hold up to 5 pounds while the later will hold up to 10 pounds.  What does that mean?

The answer is fairly clear if you are hanging lanterns, signage or other decor items.  Determine its weight from the packaging that contained the purchased item.  The product package will typically disclose the weight of the product.  With fabric it may be a little more difficult to know the fabric weight without weighing the cut fabric panel.  We are not advocating you do that, however use this rule of thumb when determining which magnet to order.  When hanging a light to mid-weight fabric such as Nylon Sheer, Tulle and Chiffon use the regular magnet ring.  If you are hanging heavier fabrics such as Satin use the super ring magnet.  With Poly Silk, typically the regular ring magnets will hold the Poly Silk fabric weight however if your cut panel lengths extend beyond 35 ft. we advise you order the super ring magnets.

Of course be aware actual magnet strength depends on the type and surface treatment of the ceiling metal. If the ceiling is rough or covered with layers of paint, the magnetic attraction will be reduced.  Always test the surface in advance.

No! It’s All About the Magnet Holder

Last month we posted a blog entitled “It’s All About the Magnets”.  After much internal discussion we concluded that no, it is not all about the magnets.  It’s all about the Magnet Holder.  So we thought we would clarify that point with today’s blog post.

As we discuss on Fabric Draper.com, the Magnet Holder holds one magnet in place to magnet holderallow the magnet to click onto the metal on the ceiling. The Magnet Holder screws into place on a magnet extension pole or most threaded poles (even a broom handle).  The Magnet Holder also facilitates the removal of the magnet when you are ready to take down the ceiling fabric draping, paper lanterns or whatever decor you have hang.  The corkscrew of the Magnet Holder hooks the magnet ring and brings it down safely.

The significance of the Magnet Holder is that it facilitates the attachment of the magnet to the ceiling metal while you stand on the ground, NO LADDER!!!!!.  There are other magnetized hanging systems on the market however they require a ladder for installation.  So while all elements in Fabric Draper.com’s fabric hanging kit play a role and are important, it’s the magnet holder that is the key to hanging fabric, lanterns and other decor safely, quickly and as a result less cost to you.  The Magnet Holder is truly our most valuable player!!

You can see this fabulous little device in action on our instructional video at http://youtu.be/7jDM5dTH_kw or on Fabric Draper.com’s home page.