What’s the Best Ceiling Draping Fabric?

Picking the best fabric for ceiling draping is a decision in which you must consider the “look” you desire, the lay-out of the room where you are installing the ceiling draping and of course, your budget.   The best approach to making that decision is understanding those three factors and educating yourself on which fabrics in the market best suites your needs.

FabricDraper.com offer four fabric draping materials in our fabric draping kits:

Poly Silk is a translucent fabric, which allows light to pass thru but it is not transparent.  Beautiful silky sheen, colors are bolder than the fabrics above and holds its design shape very well.

Poly Organza is also a lightweight, transparent fabric that has a sheen to it.  It has more body than a chiffon and as a result can be shaped nicely in ceiling installation.

Poly Chiffon is a soft, lightweight, transparent sheer, that has a flow-in-the-wind look.  Because of its light weight it  has less body than organza and poly silk and as a result, less design flexibility. It is more useful for a wall draping, entry way accent draping, and room divider.

Nylon Tulle is a lightweight and transparent fabric.  The nylon fibers are woven together to form a mesh pattern and often times starched to make it stiffer.  It is a popular fabric due to it is relatively inexpensive compared to the other fabrics.  However, because it is extremely lightweight and stiff it is requires more effort to shape upon the installation.

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