No! It’s All About the Magnet Holder

Last month we posted a blog entitled “It’s All About the Magnets”.  After much internal discussion we concluded that no, it is not all about the magnets.  It’s all about the Magnet Holder.  So we thought we would clarify that point with today’s blog post.

As we discuss on Fabric, the Magnet Holder holds one magnet in place to magnet holderallow the magnet to click onto the metal on the ceiling. The Magnet Holder screws into place on a magnet extension pole or most threaded poles (even a broom handle).  The Magnet Holder also facilitates the removal of the magnet when you are ready to take down the ceiling fabric draping, paper lanterns or whatever decor you have hang.  The corkscrew of the Magnet Holder hooks the magnet ring and brings it down safely.

The significance of the Magnet Holder is that it facilitates the attachment of the magnet to the ceiling metal while you stand on the ground, NO LADDER!!!!!.  There are other magnetized hanging systems on the market however they require a ladder for installation.  So while all elements in Fabric’s fabric hanging kit play a role and are important, it’s the magnet holder that is the key to hanging fabric, lanterns and other decor safely, quickly and as a result less cost to you.  The Magnet Holder is truly our most valuable player!!

You can see this fabulous little device in action on our instructional video at or on Fabric’s home page.

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        • That’s correct. You need metal attachment points in the ceiling, i.e. a metal ceiling grid for a drop ceiling, light fixtures, HVAC ducts.

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