Our Very First Blog!

Welcome to our very first blog!  We hope to post a new blog each week which will be filled with tips on the fabric drape hanging techniques, promotional and program contests and announcements, and answers to your questions regarding the celebration on your ceiling.

As we discussed in our About Us web page, we are a group of designers that have using the Fabric Draper.com system in our professional wedding and event business for the past ten years.  We love it because we save time and money since we do not need a ladder for draping installation.  And it is safer!  In today’s economy we are all looking for ways to make our dollar go further.  With our ceiling fabric draping installation kits you can now create the room ambiance of a professional event designer for substantially less cost.

We have seen the frustration on the faces of our clients as they attempt to host their dream event within the constraints of the budget.  We started this venture as a result of the many customer requests we have received over the years wanting to install fabric ceiling draping themselves for their wedding or party.   We think we have a ceiling fabric draping system that will be a resource to you in achieving a WOW! event yet not create a burden on your budget.

Pardon our promotion but we are just very excited to share our technique with you.  We are also anxious to see the results of your ceiling fabric experience so take photos of your work.  We will post them to our site.  I am sure it will be inspirational to those brides and grooms, and party hosts and hostesses to put their own creative signature to the look of their event.

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