Easy Ceiling Paper Lantern Installation

Fabric Draper.com’s easy 3 step fabric ceiling draping system was developed to simplifyPaper Ceiling Lanterns the task of hanging beautiful ceiling draping quickly, safely and inexpensively.  Our system, however, can be used to hang any ceiling decor.  One such example is paper lanterns.  Paper lanterns create a festive ambiance for your event.  When we hang paper lanterns onto the ceiling we use our 3 step system.  If you have watched our fabric ceiling draping video you are familiar with the 3 step ceiling draping installation process.  The installation process is the same with ceiling paper lanterns except the lantern is attached to the magnet using a monofilament fishing line.  With the monofilament fishing line you can control the height at which the lanterns are hung.  If you are only hanging ceiling lanterns you can use Fabric Draper.com’s single Magnet Holder since each lantern will be hung individually.

Look for more information from Fabric Draper.com regarding Ceiling Lantern installation systems in the coming weeks.  In the interim, you can hang ceiling lanterns using Fabric Draper.com’s Ring Magnets, Single Magnet holder and Magnet Pole (or your own pole). Fabric Draper.com will include paper ceiling lanterns and LED lights in our kits soon.

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