Ceiling Draping Symmetry

We receive numerous inquiries regarding using a hoop in the center of your draping area to create a symmetrical ceiling draping design. You can purchase these hoops however we use a couple of alternative ways to create the symmetrical design and save a few dollars.

Assuming your ceiling draping installation includes installing the fabric panels from the center of the draping area (i.e. center of the room) out to the perimeter of the draping area, we like to bundle the fabric panel ends together in the center area with paddle wire. Also know as floral wire, it’s a strong, thin and lightweight wire florists use in tying wedding floral bouquets. We will wrap the bundled ends a couple of times to ensure they are held together securely. We will then cut two pieces of monofilament (fishing line), and tie the line to the paddle wire, making sure you space the line evenly around the paddle wire. We will then tie the other end of the line to a super ring magnet, and then, (you guessed it) attach the magnets to the metal attachment points in the ceiling. Of course, you can do this without ever climbing a ladder. Just use your pole, magnet holder and super ring magnets.

When our design plan includes using a hoop we will use 1/2″ diameter pvc pipe. You can control the size of the hoop based on the length of pvc you are using. You can purchase the pvc along with connectors at your local hardware store, or chain stores. Hoola hoops also work great. We attach our fabric to the hoop using paddle wire as described above. We simply punch the wire through the fabric and tie it off to the hoop. Because the paddle wire is so thin it will not damage the fabric. The hoop can be secured to the ceiling attachment point using monofilament and super ring magnets without ever climbing a ladder.

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