It’s All About the Magnets

metal ceiling panel grid

Fabric’s 3-step ceiling fabric draping system is based on attaching the fabric drape to the ceiling with magnets.  As you see in the instructional video on Fabric Draper’s website home page, the magnets are attached to the fabric by tying the corner of the fabric to the magnet.  The fabric-tied magnets then can be attached to any metal object that is embedded in the ceiling.  Examples include the ceiling grids that suspend drop ceilings. Drop ceilings are common in hotel ballrooms, banquet and conference centers and a variety of other venues.  In addition, HVAC ducts and metal framing for ceiling speakers and HVAC registers are other examples  as well as lighting fixtures.  Prior to preparation of our design plan we always survey the venue room where the event is to be held to ensure there are attachments points and their location.  With that information we are able to diagram the ceiling fabric draping layout.  Over the course of the past ten years it has been rare that we have not located adequate attachment points to hang the ceiling fabric draping.One word of caution however, ensure that the attachment points you have located in the ceiling are not aluminum.  Aluminum is not magnetic.  Of course we have the hardware (i.e. magnet, magnet holder and pole) to test the metal fixtures however, you can also ask venue personnel.



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