What’s the Best Ceiling Draping Fabric? – Update

We posted our original blog regarding “What’s the Best Ceiling Draping Fabric?” last year and we thought it would be beneficial to update for the new fabrics we have added since that post.

Picking the best fabric for ceiling draping is a decision in which you must consider the “look” you desire, the lay-out of the room where you are installing the ceiling draping and of course, your budget.   The best approach to making that decision is understanding those three factors and educating yourself on which fabrics in the market best suites your needs.

FabricDraper.com offers seven different fabric draping materials from three categories; sheer, translucent and opaque.

The Translucent category includes poly silk and poly pongee.

Poly Silk (45″ width) is a translucent fabric, which allows light to pass thru but it is not transparent.  Beautiful silky sheen, colors are bolder than the fabrics above and holds its design shape very well.

Poly Pongee (60′ width) is not as translucent as poly silk, however it will allow some light to pass through it. Colors are more muted than poly silk. Excellent draping fabric as it creates a nice swag.

The Sheer category includes Poly Organza, Poly Chiffon and Voile.

Poly Organza (60″ width) is also a lightweight, transparent fabric that has a sheen to it.  It has more body than a chiffon and as a result can be shaped nicely in ceiling installation.

Poly Chiffon (60″ width) is a soft, lightweight, transparent sheer, that has a flow-in-the-wind look.  Because of its light weight it  has less body than organza and poly silk and as a result, less design flexibility. It is more useful for a wall draping, entry way accent draping, and room divider.

Poly Voile is a beautiful and popular sheer ceiling draping fabric and is similar to organza however it has a 118″ width.  Voile is a transparent, durable and excellent draping material.

Nylon Tulle is a lightweight and transparent fabric.  The nylon fibers are woven together to form a mesh pattern and often times starched to make it stiffer.  It is a popular fabric due to it is relatively inexpensive compared to the other fabrics.  However, because it is extremely lightweight and stiff it is requires more effort to shape upon the installation. Comes in 108″ and 54″ widths.

The Opaque category does not allow light to pass through the fabric.  It includes Tissue Lame.

Tissue Lame (44″ width) is a light weight, metallic blend that has been woven with a nylon filament to create a shiny texture. Ideal fabric for designing some glitz and elegance into your ceiling decor.

16 thoughts on “What’s the Best Ceiling Draping Fabric? – Update

  1. Hi- I currently use poly organza in 20 metre (60 foot lengths). I really struggle with storage of it and trying to keep it looking great without creases is difficult; any suggestions? Or perhaps there is a more appropriate fabric I should be using??


    • Hi Nicole,
      I apologize for the delay in responding. I read your comment initially and then when I went back to respond I thought it was made via email and couldn’t find it. When taking the organza down we typically roll the organza back onto the tube it was shipped on. I realize it takes some time but it reduces the creases and is ready for installation at the next event.

      With regards to other fabrics probably the most durable draping fabric is Poly Pongee. It’s not a sheer fabric but a translucent fabric (can not see objects behind the fabric but allows light to pass through). It does not wrinkle as easily. It’s a great draping fabric.

      Hope that helps!


  2. We would like to decorate an outdoor pergola for a wedding in August. What would you recommend for fabric material? Do we need to use any pole to hold the drapes?

    • Sorry for the delay in responding. We must have missed you comment when you posted it. With regards to fabric it depends on whether you are interested in a sheer fabric like Voile, Organza, Chiffon or a translucent fabric that is not transparent like sheer. Translucent fabrics, like Poly Silk and Pongee, will allow light to pass through the fabric but you can not see objects behind the fabric. This blog post may help: http://wp.me/p3qq7Z-3j.

      With regards to your second question, you only need the pole to attach a magnet, to which your fabric is tied, to a metal attachment point. You didn’t mention what construction material your pergola is made of but if there are no metal attachment points you will have to attach your fabric with zip ties or floral wire.

      If you have further interest you may want to give us a call for a more detailed explanation.

      Thanks for contacting us.

  3. I want to drape poly pongee fabric in living room but don’t have ladder (ceilings are cathedral style) are there any options . I saw the magnet drape kits but don’t have anything on ceilings to hold help!

    • Hi Robin,

      You would really have to insert hooks into your ceiling and/or walls. If you can do that, then use some paddle wire (floral wire) to attach the fabric to the hooks. Of course to do that you would need to have access to a tall step ladder. Wish I had a simpler solution!

    • Fabrics that are designated on our website as “Inherently Fire Resistant Fabric” meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 Standard (Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films).

  4. Hi, I am looking to drape a barn ceiling in a circular fashion and panels. There are beams to hang the fabric on to swag it, and we want to put twinkle lights on each panel of fabric to give some extra light. We want the fabric not to have too much sheen as it is a rustic setting, but want it to look durable. It would be good to see the light through but not to see clearly that the light is from strands of twinkle lights. What fabric would you recommend? Thank you!

    • We suggest Poly Pongee. It’s a translucent fabric, meaning it will show light but not objects behind the fabric. Easy fabric to drape. Pongee does not have much sheen.

  5. What would you suggest.
    Chiffon poly or Chiffon silk or something else ?
    Wedding venue….
    Venue is rustic and material will drape from one beam to another over dance floor.
    Dance floor 30×30. Ceiling 13 ft.

    • If you want a sheer fabric Dennis the Poly Chiffon would be a good choice. If you do not necessarily want a sheer fabric then consider Poly Pongee. It’s a very nice draping fabric, durable and a good value.

  6. I decorate ceilings and walls for Weddings. I am using tulle with lights. I thought about using organza. Will the lights show through that as well?

  7. I rent out tents, with the normal size being about 20 by 40 feet. Even though we keep them clean, after a while, they are never like new. I am looking for a fabric, off white or white preferably, that is good for ceiling drapes. I want a swag appearance and I also need help with the length and width I would need to purchase to hide the entire top of it. Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

    • Hi Regina,
      Thanks for your inquiry. We suggest Poly Pongee or Poly Lining. Both fabrics are semi opaque and very durable. As necessary, you can clean them in a commercial washer and they will hold their shape very nicely. The Poly Lining has a bit more sheen and weight and might be the better choice. Both fabric widths are 60″. Depending a how big you want your swags to be you will need between 75 to 85 yards of fabric. We sell the both fabrics in 50 yard bolts so two bolts would get the job done.
      Let us know if we can help you further.

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