Expand Your Creativity With Magnets

As many of you may know FabricDraper.com was created by the owners of an event production company.  It is from our decor experiences that we can pass along decorating tips that will assist you in creating the ambiance that everyone will be raving about!

If you have visited our website much of the content on FabricDraper.com addresses the use of magnets for ceiling draping installation, however, there are many more uses of magnets for hanging all kinds of ceiling decor.  We have presented the installation methodology for installing lanterns and the use of magnets for hanging lanterns is can be applied all sorts of decor.  Here are a couple of  examples:

The photo to right illustrates the use of large balloons that were attached to 5 lb. magnets and installed onto the venue ceiling.  We recommend using at least 36″ balloons.  While the photo to the left shows the very colorful decor for a New Year’s Eve party we installed, you can achieve a very dramatic effect with white for wedding celebrations (see photo below right).  Using balloons is a very inexpensive way to achieve very impactful decor.








Another very dramatic ceiling decoration are crystal beads.IMG_0961We recently installed the crystals over a wedding reception dance floor.  The reception room lighting treatments reflected off the crystals providing a very dramatic look.  The crystals can be purchased on spools.  You can then cut crystal strands from the spool to desired lengths.

Stay tuned for more ceiling decor ideas using magnets.  With the installation ease magnets offer your creative design ideas can be expanded to new heights (no pun intended)!

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