Where Do You Start? – Step 4 of 4


In our previous posts we discussed the first three steps of our four-part series addressing the installation of fabric ceiling draping.  To summarize, in our first post we reviewed the assessment of the venue room where your event will be held.  Is the room installation friendly for ceiling fabric draping installation with plenty of attachments points (metal if you are using Fabric Draper.com’s  (magnetic system)?  In the second post we discussed developing your design plan.  In the last post, Step #3, we reviewed fabric measurement.  In this final post, Step 4 of 4, we will cover the preparation, installation and evaluation of the hung ceiling fabric.

Once you receive your fabric and hardware order make sure you check it immediately for correctness.  Typically you will have a limited period in which to notify the vendor of any order errors or damage to your order.  With Fabric Draper.com, you have 72 hours to notify us of any issues with your order.  Assuming your order is correct and damage free, the first step is to arrange a time with the venue for your ceiling fabric draping installation.   In fact, we suggest you arrange an installation time even before you place your order to make sure there is adequate time for the your installation.  Often times the venue may have booked use of the room prior to your event which may limit your available installation times.  It is also advisable to plan the installation before the room set-up begins to allow you to move freely in the area of the room where the ceiling draping will be installed.  It is difficult to provide time guidelines for installation due to the  variety of design styles and the amount of ceiling draping being installed but ideally give yourself a half to full day for installation.

Once you are on site cut your fabric to the lengths according to your design plan.  If you are using Fabric Draper.com’s magnetic system follow the tutorial video on our home page for instruction on attaching the fabric attached magnets to the ceiling using your pole and attached magnet holder.  As you install each panel or two, step back and evaluate whether the installation is taking shape as you envisioned it.  One nice feature of the Fabric Draper.com’s magnet based system is you can easily take down the installed panel and hang the fabric, for example, with a more gathered appearance or spread style.  As you install the panels you will see your design come to life and notice the impact your ceiling draping design has on the room.

Following these steps will increase your chances of success in transforming sparse venue space into an intimate and elegant setting:

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1) – Survey the venue space to determine if it is ceiling draping friendly.             Step #1

2) – Develop a ceiling draping design plan.                                                         Step #2

3) – Obtain a diagram of the space where the ceiling draping will be installed     Step #3

and calculate your measurements for the fabric.

4) – Arrange with the venue for adequate installation time.                                 Step #4

5) – Inspect your order, cut fabric and install.                                                     Step #4



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