Where Do You Start? – Step 2

millb15In Step #1 of “Where Do You Start” we discussed assessing the venue room where you are going to install the ceiling fabric draping to determine if it is installation friendly.

Step #2 addresses your ceiling fabric draping design plan.  In conjunction with your venue selection, or immediately after, you will need to visualize your design plan.  The best way to stimulate design ideas is to peruse the internet for ceiling draping photos .  Perform an internet search using keywords with “fabric ceiling draping images”, or some variation of it. Study the various styles of ceiling draping.  Some draping styles will spread out the width of the fabric panels and overlap them creating a canopy effect.  Draping panels in other installations will be hung much narrower reflecting a ribbon effect.  Try to look at as many designs as possible to stimulate your creative juices.  The clearer your vision is of your ceiling draping design the more accurate your material measurement will be and installation will flow smoother as well.

While the savings can be substantial by installing the fabric draping yourself as opposed to having it installed professionally, remember the more complex the design, the more fabric and installation time it will take to accomplish the design plan.   A little bit of fabric ceiling draping can go a long way in creating the intimate look you desire .

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