Does Your Fabric Have Swag?

Hisey1-R1-5AWe couldn’t resist having a little fun with this blog tittle.  It seems now a days to be “cool” you’ve got to have some swag and with fabric ceiling draping it’s no different.  But, what is swag as it relates to ceiling draping?  Swag is the drooping curve shape when fabric is attached between two points.

When you incorporate fabric ceiling draping in your room design you add instant mood and atmosphere to the room.  Swag accentuates that impact.  The question is how much extra material do you need to create the swag.  As professional event designers, we have installed thousands of yards of ceiling draping and over the course of time we have observed that we need approximately 25% to 30% more material to give the room that dramatic impact.  Of course, it is a matter of personal taste and your budget but you are better off with too much swag then not enough.  Also remember, the higher the ceiling the more swag you will need.  In our rule of thumb, we will use 25% for ceiling heights up to twenty feet and 30% when the venue ceiling height is above twenty feet.

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