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Whether you are converting sparse venue space into an intimate and elegant setting with ceiling fabric draping or creating a festive environment with ceiling lanterns our ceiling decor installation kits will allow you to complete the task quickly, safely and inexpensively. Fabric Draper.com also offers a wide variety of fabrics and lanterns which can be added to your installation kits providing you with all the resources you need to create your dream setting. We also offer our fabrics and lanterns as separate purchases.

Watch the 2 minute video below to get started and see how our professional ceiling draping kit can create a dramatic design for your wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or any other event in just 3 easy steps. Using powerful ceiling magnets and extension poles instead of ladders, suspension is fast and the risk of falling is eliminated!





Design Ideas

Click the photo to the left to view draping and ceiling decor design ideas that you can install with our magnet based 3 easy step installation system. There are a variety of designs from very simple designs to the more challenging. Envisioning your room design is the first step in developing a plan to transform sparse space into a room with style.

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We still have select colors of 45" Poly Pongee fabric for clearance. Poly pongee is a translucent fabric, allowing light to pass through it, but not detailed images. It is an excellent draping fabric. The 45" Poly Pongee is the same material as our 60" Poly Pongee however it has a narrower width. The 45" Poly Pongee is sold in 50 yard bolts.

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Looking for some sparkle for the holidays? We would like to introduce you to Crystal Organza. It has lots of sparkle and shine! Crystal Organza is right in step with the holiday season.

And don't forget about Tissue Lame for your holiday decor. Tissue Lame will provide all the elegance and glitz you will need for your special holiday celebration.

Fabrics for Your Holiday Celebration

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